San Sebastian will fine tour guides with large groups of tourists up to 1,500 euros

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San Sebastian tour guides

The municipal council of San Sebastián has decided to regulate the activities of tour guides with large groups of travellers. City Hall will impose fines ranging from €750 to €1,500 on professionals who do not comply with a series of new requirements.

This was by the Councilor for Tourism, Jon Insausti. Tourist guides who provide city tours without a responsible statement should therefore be careful. Guides are allowed to take a maximum of 25 tourists in low season and 20 in high season. Larger groups are not allowed. The use of a megaphone is also limited. Furthermore, tourists are not allowed to be guided outside the permitted hours of 8.00 am to 11.00 pm. If they violate these rules, they can be punished with the aforementioned amounts. The regulation will come into effect on April 10.

Group size restrictions

To limit large groups of tourists, the municipal council of San Sebastian includes the activity of tour guides in the Public Space Regulation. Insausti, in statements collected by Europa Press, indicated that city hall will enforce the rule. Its aim is to “promote a more orderly flow of visitors in the busiest areas of the city”.

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Other recommendations for tour guides in San Sebastian

The recommendations of the new standard also include avoiding the occupancy of public places of passage and avoiding the most saturated areas in summer and during peak hours. Furthermore, guides should highlight the city’s heritage, culture and local appeal; have at least knowledge of the two official languages of the CAV – Basque and Spanish; and encourage tourists to visit the city in a sustainable and responsible way.

With this measure, the city council of San Sebastián wants to reduce the impact of tourism on the quality of life of residents. At the same time, they want to guarantee a pleasant experience for visitors.

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