Ryanair Spain cabin crew strike ends

by Lorraine Williamson
Ryanair cabin crew

Ryanair cabin crew in Spain have ruled out extending the strike. This has been confirmed by USO, one of the calling unions. The strike began on 8 August 2022 and officially ends on 7 January. However, no agreement has been reached between the two sides. 

The strike, called for by the USO and Sitcpla unions, began relatively vigorously. Each strike day saw numerous delays and sometimes led to cancelled flights. As time passed, its impact on Ryanair had already been reduced almost to zero.  

No attempt to reach out 

According to the unions, Ryanair made “not the slightest attempt to reach out to them”. The airline even stated publicly that it refuses to engage in a dialogue with the crew members’ elected representatives. 

Moreover, according to the unions, the labour inspectorate issued a report finding that Ryanair violated its cabin crew’s right to strike and replaced striking workers with others unrelated to the workplaces after receiving complaints from the USO union. 

Recently, Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson dismissed as ‘absolutely unnecessary’ the strikes that the Irish airline’s cabin crew in Spain have been carrying out for months. 

‘They are planning strikes in the middle of negotiations. The main function of a union is to improve the conditions of its members. This relationship has been dysfunctional for the past four years,’ he added. 

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