Russian submarine and warship spotted near Balearic Islands

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Russian warships


MALLORCA – The Mediterranean Sea has become a geostrategic scenario and is the centre of international public attention. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel are the basis for this.

Under current conditions, the transit of Russian ships has become the subject of constant surveillance by NATO and its allies. Spain has been involved in this close monitoring before. Since Wednesday afternoon, October 11, the Spanish Navy ship “Rayo” (P-42) has been tracking two Russian warships. These are located in the Western Mediterranean Sea, close to the Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

This has been confirmed by the Defense Staff, reports El Debate. The two Russian vessels are a Kilo II class submarine and the naval tug “Sergey Balk”. The Kilo class is a NATO designation for Russian diesel and electric-powered submarines. The first ship of this class was commissioned in 1982 and is equipped with weapons such as torpedoes, mines, and missiles.

Area of operation: South of the Balearic Islands

The surveillance began south of the Balearic Islands and will continue until the Russian ships leave the Spanish area of responsibility.

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Before the Russian units were intercepted, the “Rayo” was mainly engaged in maritime surveillance operations. These operations include verifying and controlling maritime traffic, monitoring fishing activities within the boundaries of the EEZ, and protecting key maritime lines of communication in the area concerned, as reported by the Navy.

The presence of the Russian warships raises questions about security in the Mediterranean and the potential for geopolitical tensions. The Spanish Navy remains on heightened alert and is expected to work closely with NATO allies to closely monitor the situation.

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