Residents of La Marina – Costa Blanca complain about camper invasion

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n the coastal town of La Marina in Elche, dissatisfaction is growing among residents about the increase in campers who sometimes stay in their area for months. The local community is pressing the municipality for solutions and more police presence.

Residents also point out the pollution that this form of ‘cheap tourism’ entails. They also ask questions about the disposal of waste water.

Increasing popularity of campers

The trend of travelling or even living in campers, which is becoming increasingly popular among both foreigners and Spaniards, is meeting resistance from residents. They feel overwhelmed by this growing phenomenon. The tension is especially palpable in La Marina, a neighbourhood and beach area on the Southern Costa Blanca in the municipality of Elche. Residents experience nuisance from camper owners who park their vehicles for long periods near their homes. The approach is often to save costs by bringing supplies from home and spending little at their destination.

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Criticism of ‘cheap tourism’

Residents criticise what they call ‘cheap tourism’ because visitors contribute little to the local economy. They don’t understand why people who can afford expensive RVs choose to park for free in residential areas. This situation has led to growing frustration and a call for action.

Legal and enforcement challenges

A police spokesperson explains that it is a complex problem. The rights of camper owners and local residents conflict with each other. Current legislation, considered too strict by some and too lenient by others, makes enforcement difficult. This has led to RVs springing up like mushrooms all along the coast. Other municipalities, such as Santa Pola, have been searching for years for solutions to the problems that arise in areas under their management.

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