Reasons why an American designer thinks Spain is the best place to live

by Lorraine Williamson
An American in Spain

Tom, a renowned American UX designer with a significant following of 41.7K on TikTok believes that Spain is unparalleled as a place to live. Having lived in Australia, England, and the Netherlands, Tom’s experience and comparison have led him to laud Spain above all other countries he’s resided in. 

After six and a half years living in Spain, the American digital nomad has become a viral sensation, with his video accumulating over two million views, in which he highlights the unparalleled benefits of life in the Iberian nation. Check out his account @tomcharliedesing. 

An American in Spain

While he admits to earning around €30,000 annually in Spain compared to the potential 100,000 he could make in the US or UK, the financial sacrifice is worth the unparalleled quality of life in Spain.

Here are his top three reasons: 

Cogesa Expats
  • Abundant leisure opportunities 
  • Spain’s wealth of recreational activities stand out, particularly those that are free. Tom highlights hiking through Spain’s scenic landscapes as a prime example of the leisure activities available. 
  • Vibrant street life 

The bustling streets and the spirited community life have enamoured Tom. He’s particularly charmed by sights like grandmothers sharing gossip on a park bench, illustrating the nation’s cherished tradition of “charlas al fresco” (outside chatting) – a term for enjoying nature and active social life. 

More time under the sun 

With one of the highest sunlit hours globally, Spain’s longer days translate to more activities. Whether it’s grabbing drinks post-work or playing street sports, there’s always time for more. Emphasising the inestimable value of time, Tom concludes his video, by stating, “Time is something you can’t buy.”  

For many of us and Tom, the joys and experiences of life in Spain are indeed priceless. 

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