Need an International Lawyer in Mallorca?

by Lorraine Williamson
International Lawyer in Mallorca

PALMA DE MALLORCA – Del Canto Chambers offices in Palma de Mallorca have seen an increased demand from foreign private clients looking to relocate to the Balearic Islands, emphasising the purchase of properties and seeking tax advice for moving to Spain. So, if you need an International Lawyer in Mallorca, look no further!

Spain has always been a top destination for British and other foreign nationals. Currently, there are 220,297 foreign residents in the Balearic Islands according to INE, Spain’s national statistics office. Perhaps the current EU crisis on energy costs and an unpredictable wartime scenario may motivate you to move to Spain. In anticipation of a tough winter due to the increase in energy supply costs, many north European citizens are looking for property rentals and second home investments in Baleares. 

Del Canto Chambers

We can help with the challenges

There are numerous challenges that our clients are facing in Baleares and Del Canto Chambers is more than happy to attend wherever they need us. Private clients and business owners, looking to relocate to Spain can enjoy the unparalleled lifestyle the country has to offer.  

Here are 5 things that you should ask yourself before starting a new life in Spain: 

  1. Should I register in Spain by obtaining a residency certificate, NIE, driving licence, etc?
  2. What are my tax obligations and tax residency status, just in case winter turns into a long Summer?
  3. Are there any tax consequences for moving to Spain? (If you are a director of a business in your home country)
  4. What are my rights and opportunities as a posted worker or as an EU mobile worker, and what documentation do I need to have in place?
  5. What health cover and documentation do I need if I want Spain to be my habitual residence?

Del Canto Chambers is the International set of chambers specialising in Spanish tax and legal residence, including Golden Visa. Furthermore, they have an in-depth understanding of international tax, legal affairs, property law and residence issues. 

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The set offers a Tax and Legal Residence Opinion service that clearly sets out clients’ options with regard to living and paying tax overseas, meaning an informed decision can be made as to how to structure one’s affairs. Del Canto Chambers can advise on the implications of moving to Spain, as well as offer practical advice and process Spanish residency applications  

We are looking forward to working with you!

Do you want more information? Send an email to: mailto: or call +34 910 80 08 84. 

International lawyer in Mallorca

International network of offices 

In addition to the office in Palma de Mallorca, Del Canto Chambers has offices in Eivissa in Ibiza, Madrid, La Coruña and Barcelona. International offices are in London (UK), Dublin (Ireland), Doha (Qatar) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). 

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