Puigdemont under fire for unauthorised use of logo

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Carles Puigdemont

Puigdemont, Catalonia’s former regional president, is once again under fire. The logo of the supermarket chain Plusfresc appeared in a list of companies that support Carles Puigdemont’s new project, for Catalonia as a sovereign state.

A Plusfresc spokeswoman tells Spanish newspaper El País: “We have no idea how the logo got there, because nobody asked for it.” The managers of the chain therefore asked the Puigdemont organisation to remove their logo immediately. The logo is no longer visible on the website.

Plusfresc, a chain with 82 supermarkets in Catalonia, emphasises that it is completely neutral in the independence debate and claims it will never take a political position.

Ex-president continues to fight for Catalonia as a sovereign state

On 6th April, Puigdemont launched his latest project where you can purchase a Catalan ID card of the Consell per la República Catalana. Puigdemont remains committed to an independent Catalonia.  He previously told the Catalan news site elperiodico.cat that he would continue to fight for Catalonia as a sovereign state.

Catalan ID card holders receive benefits

From Brussels, Carles Puigdemont promoted the creation of a Catalan identity card. With this project, Puigdemont wants to get an idea of ​​how many pro-independence supporters there are. He also promises that holders of this card will have various advantages over people who do not hold the card.

For example, Puigdemont promises buyers of the ID card will in the future have benefits such as access to hospitality, social entities, media and clubs. It seems, according to El País, these benefits are linked to the companies of the sponsors of the Puigdemont project.

Other entities supporting Puigdemont in Catalonia’s independence

Other project sponsors are media and news sites such as Vilaweb, El Punt Avui, La República, El Nacional and elMón. The web portal GentComTu (a Catalan dating site) and the crowdfunding platform Aixeta also support Puigdemont’s project. The list also includes the NGO dedicated to the Catalan language, Plataforma per la Llengua; the association of independent businessmen in Catalonia, Anem per feina; the Les Voltes bookshop in Girona; teleoperator Parlem and the petrol station chain Petrolis Independents.

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