Problems at Malaga Airport due to strong wind on Easter Sunday

by Lorraine Williamson
Malaga airport

Malaga Airport is experiencing an Easter Sunday full of challenges due to the strong wind. The turbulent weather conditions make it difficult for airplanes to take off. Many flights experienced significant delays on Sunday morning.

The air traffic control of Malaga speaks on platform X (formerly Twitter) of problems due to strong and erratic crosswinds. In the Andalucian province and its capital of the same name, the wind reaches speeds of 40 knots. Furthermore, the wind is very variable in direction. The gusts of wind have affected air traffic on both runways. Several airlines had problems with the wind, causing them to be unable to take off on time.

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Delays expected throughout Easter Sunday

Due to the situation at Malaga Airport, many airplanes had to wait a long time to depart. Some even had to return to refuel. Due to the current weather conditions and for safety reasons, traffic restrictions are still in place at the airport. It is expected that air traffic will continue to be affected by the unstable weather throughout the day. In various regions in the province of Malaga, a code orange was in effect overnight and this morning due to the strong westerly wind. The wind seems to be decreasing throughout Easter Sunday.

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