Pride events and critical voices

by Lorraine Williamson
Pride events

Pride events are currently taking place in several Spanish cities. In Madrid, on Friday, June 29th, thousands of people took to the streets to fight for fair rights for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Critical Pride in Madrid

Thousands of voices were heard in an alternative march advocating for an inclusive society where no one is excluded. Orgullo Crítico (Critical Pride) once again crossed the centre of the Spanish capital on Friday. The demonstrators criticise Madrid Orgullo (MADO), the city’s Pride event. Madrid has received a lot of criticism for allegedly not allowing space for protests and for using its Pride event mainly for its own gain. Moreover, the city is accused of institutionalising behaviour due to its narrow view of LGBTQIA+ individuals, which does not only include cisgender, white gays and lesbians.

Criticism and support

The demonstration also had the support of two other groups: Red Solidaria Contra la Ocupación en Palestina (RESCOP) and BDS Madrid. Together, they condemned the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. One of the spokespeople for Orgullo Crítico said: “We are here once again to advocate for the importance of self-management by LGBTQ groups. We are more than just LGBTQ. All bodies belong, whether they are disabled, of colour, or fat. This contrasts with Madrid’s institutional pride, which only allows cis, gay, white, ‘ordinary’ people who fit into commercial images. This year, we specifically support the struggle of the Palestinian people. We want pride with protest, not pride while genocide is happening. That is why we are demonstrating together for the first time to represent the Palestinian people.”

‘VOX, go back to the 17th century.

Pride celebrations are also taking place in other Spanish cities. Controversy arose in several cities this week regarding whether to hang the Pride flag. Particularly in Valencia, this year’s Pride celebration was a weakened version compared to previous years. Specifically, the far-right Vox holds conservative views regarding the LGBTQIA+ community. Thus, the slogan was heard in Madrid: ‘VOX, go back to the 17th century.’

´Individuals nowadays are less stereotyped´

Approximately 10,000 demonstrators in Madrid showed their resistance against changes in transgender laws and the protection of the LGBTQIA+ community proposed by the conservative government of the Comunidad de Madrid. For the demonstrators, it seems there is still a long way to go to achieve equal rights. Nevertheless, one of the activists also mentioned that ‘individuals nowadays are less stereotyped. It is wonderful that there are differences among people.'”

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