Five Spanish locations awarded for inclusive tourism

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In Spain, five locations have officially joined the new Spanish Network for Inclusive Tourism. The initiative aims to promote inclusivity in tourism and business, with a special focus on the LGBTQ+ community.

On June 13th, during the Premios Diversa 2024, the first five locations were presented that have joined the new initiative. According to the leading man of the initiative, Juan Martín Boll, Spain is known for its tolerant attitude and progressive legislation for the LGBTQ+ community. He calls the establishment of the Network for Inclusive Tourism a new step in the right direction. A step that also helps to make lesser-known places visible.

The province of Ávila and the cities of Gandia, Torremolinos, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), and La Palma have received official recognition for their efforts in inclusive tourism. The initiative includes both cultural offerings and a social agenda for the target group.

Ávila: History and hospitality

The province of Ávila is known for its rich history and beautiful nature. In the province, 250 villages are now equipped with a rainbow sign with a text indicating that there is no LGBTQ-phobia in these places. Alfonso González Garrido, director of LGBTQ Ávila Pride, emphasises the importance of respect and tolerance in the region. Ávila not only has a wide range of culture and nature but also a vibrant LGBTQ-friendly nightlife.

Torremolinos: Candidate for Europride 2027

Torremolinos in Malaga has been a popular LGBTQ+ destination for many years. The bustling seaside resort on the Costa del Sol has big plans for the future. Furthermore,  it is a candidate for hosting Europride in 2027. The coastal town also calls itself ‘one of the most tolerant cities in Europe’ and has a dedicated page on its website for the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout the year, Torremolinos organises a wide range of events and festivals for this target group, including Torremolinos Pride and numerous summer festivals such as Afrodita Party Tardeo Perreo and Bear Fest.

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Gandia: Mr. Gay and more

Gandia organised the Mr. Gay Comunidad Valenciana Gala in May 2024 and is committed to becoming an inclusive and diverse tourist destination. The city is doing everything possible to become a magnet for a broad and diverse audience and plans to make the Mr. Gay Gala even bigger next year, expanding it to a whole week full of activities.

La Palma: Isla Bonita Love Festival

La Palma has been organising the Isla Bonita Love Festival for years. With a mix of music and cultural events, the city celebrates diversity and freedom. From July 22nd to 28th, Ricky Martin and Martin Garrix are on the program. The festival also offers a wide range of theatre and other activities aimed at normalising gender diversity. La Palma wants these efforts to ensure an inclusive environment on the island.

Torrejón de Ardoz: Musical highlights

The Torrejón Summer Fest in Torrejón de Ardoz offers a summer full of music, with various concerts. The city, which strives for more diversity and aims to attract tourists all year round, sees participation in the Network for Inclusive Tourism as a way to achieve these goals.

Promoting an inclusive community is an important goal

The five members of the Network for Inclusive Tourism must demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity. For example, by running campaigns against LGBTQ-phobia and raising awareness for an inclusive society. Especially businesses, hotels, and accommodations that frequently interact with visitors are involved in the initiatives. Moreover, the Network for Inclusive Tourism will conduct audits to check if the five locations keep their promises.


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