Major criminal gang “Coro 717” dismantled by Policia Nacional

by Lorraine Williamson
Coro 717 gang

GRANADA — The Policia Nacional, in collaboration with the Dutch Police and coordinated by the Office of the Public Prosecutor for Cybercrime in Granada, has successfully dismantled the notorious “Coro 717” of the Trinitarios gang.

This group has been implicated in numerous violent crimes, drug trafficking, and hundreds of online and phone scams, including “hijo en apuros” (child in distress), smishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. The investigation revealed that these illicit activities generated thousands of euros for the gang.

Extensive investigation leads to major arrests

The investigation began in 2023, when authorities identified the Coro 717 and linked them to “hijo en apuros” scams. These scams involved mass messages sent via a popular instant messaging application, deceiving victims into believing their children were in urgent need of money. Concurrently, a violent youth group of Latin origin, tied to the Trinitarios, was discovered in Granada. This group, also known as Coro 717, was responsible for numerous violent crimes in the city and consisted of at least 12 members engaged in online and phone fraud as well as drug trafficking.

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Coordinated raids and arrests

The coordinated effort culminated in multiple arrests both in Spain and the Netherlands. The suspected leader and his first lieutenant were apprehended in the Netherlands under European Arrest Warrants issued by Spain. Simultaneously, a large-scale police operation was conducted in Granada and its metropolitan area, resulting in six home raids and the arrest of 11 additional members of the gang, including the second lieutenant.

During these operations, police seized typical paraphernalia of the violent Latin group, such as necklaces, bandanas, and bracelets associated with the Trinitarios. Additionally, they confiscated bank cards registered to third parties, a laptop, various documents, mobile phones, and weapons including two serrated blades, a knife, a cartridge, a shell casing, and nearly 100 pellets of hashish. Authorities are currently analysing the seized materials to uncover potential international connections of the group.


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