Potential disaster in Algeciras Bay averted after oil tanker collision

by Lorraine Williamson
oil tanker

MADRID – Two ships collided last night. One of those ships, an oil tanker, is now in danger of sinking. Consequently, every effort is made to minimise that risk to ensure the lives of the 24 crew members. 

Tugboats are also being used to prepare a 400-metre barrier around the ship to prevent an oil leak. The ship is loaded with the following;

  • 183 tons of heavy fuel oil
  • 250 tons of diesel
  • 27 tons of lubricating oil.

The oil tanker has partly sunk off the coast. Furthermore, the bow of the ship is on the seabed, at a depth of 17 metres. 

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Oil tanker Captain and crew

According to the Port Authority of Gibraltar, an OS35, a Tuvaluan-flagged bulk carrier, hit the ADAM LNG ship while manoeuvring out of the bay. The captain of the oil tanker has reported the 24 employees on board the partially sunken ship are doing well. 

The Port Authority of Gibraltar is in contact with the Port Authority of Algeciras to ensure a coordinated response that maximizes the use of relevant lifesaving equipment in the area. After the port was completely closed to organize the rescue operation, it has now been reopened as the situation has been classified as ‘stable’. 

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