Police rescue 24 trafficking victims exploited in Mallorca’s illicit sex trade

by Lorraine Williamson
trafficking victims

The Spanish National Police have successfully liberated 24 women who were victims of human trafficking, enduring sexual exploitation in apartments designated for escort services.

The authorities have also dismantled the criminal organisation responsible for subjecting these women to such harrowing conditions on the island of Mallorca.

Exploitation in deplorable conditions

The rescued women were primarily of Latin American origin. Moreover, they were forced into prostitution around the clock, six days a week, in cramped and unsanitary rooms. The efforts of the Policia Nacional have resulted in the arrest of eight individuals. This was as a result of six home raids conducted in the municipalities of Inca, Alcudia, and Muro.

Investigation origins and criminal network

The investigation was initiated based on a report from a human trafficking victim. This provided crucial information that led the authorities to unveil a Brazilian criminal network exploiting women in vulnerable situations, mainly of Latin American descent, in escort apartments across different locations on the island.

According to investigators, the criminal organisation targeted victims through online advertisements. Furthermore, they enticed women in desperate circumstances or great vulnerability residing in Spain or their home countries.

Abuse and exploitation in escort apartments

The criminal network operated in four apartments located in Inca, Alcudia, and Muro. In theses apartments, the women were coerced into prostitution under abusive conditions. They worked 24 hours a day with only one day of rest per week, receiving only 50% of the money earned from sexual services. Additionally, they were compelled to sign supposed sublease contracts for rooms at €250 per week, despite renting nothing more than a bed in an unsanitary and cramped room shared with other women.

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“Escort” services and criminal activities

The dismantled network advertised the sexual services of its victims on various online platforms. The potential clients’ calls were handled by the exploiters themselves. Apart from working in the organisation’s apartments, the women were obliged to provide services at clients’ residences or hotels, commonly known as “escort” services.

Authorities have determined that the criminal organisation not only profited from prostitution but also engaged in drug trafficking, primarily dealing in cocaine. During the six home raids, police seized the following;

  • €35,800 in cash
  • 2 vehicles
  • 8 grams of cocaine
  • 4 grams of pink cocaine
  • 5 mobile phones
  • various documents related to illegal activities

Collaboration and support

The successful operation was carried out with the collaboration of non-governmental organisations Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) and Amar Dragoste.

Enforcement and awareness

This operation aligns with the Spanish National Police’s Plan against Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation. Citizens can contribute to combating such crimes by contacting the Policia Nacional through the hotline 900 10 50 90 or by email. Anonymity and confidentiality in reporting is assured.

In the fight against human trafficking, the message from the Spanish police is clear: “Con la trata no hay trato” – With trafficking there is no deal!

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