No mandatory insurance or courses for dog owners in Spain yet

by Lorraine Williamson
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MADRID – For the time being, dog owners in Spain will not have to take mandatory courses or insurance for their dogs. The implementation of the new Spanish Animal Welfare Law, which comes into effect on September 29, has been postponed. 

Mandatory components such as liability insurance for dog owners, training for new owners and a national pet register have been postponed. Moreover, the government does not yet have specific regulations that elaborate these measures in detail. 

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That is why the Ministry of Social Rights sent a letter this week to the colleges of veterinarians and other relevant government agencies. The letter acknowledges the obligations in the law cannot yet be met until the specific regulations are ready and approved. Consequently, for now, only mandatory insurance for potentially dangerous dogs remains. 

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Political stumbling blocks 

According to the ministry, the same problem has occurred with university entrance exams and sports regulations. The government is currently in a caretaker state and therefore the necessary additional legislation could not be adopted. “These regulations come in the form of a Royal Decree. Therefore, they require a full-fledged government to approve them,” ministerial sources said. Furthermore, they assure the text is ready for adoption as soon as the political situation allows. Pedro Sánchez is currently making frantic efforts with his party PSOE to form a government after his opponent Alberto Nuñez Feijoo of the PP was unable to do so. 

Consequences and future 

The delay in the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act raises questions about the protection ofanimals. With the law unable to reach its full potential, many animals and their owners remain in a legal grey area. Consequently, they now must wait for further developments. 

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