New road signs trialled in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
new road signs

MADRID – When new road signs are created, they are firstly tested in one area. Later, they are then rolled out to the whole country´s network of roads.

The first step is to use an area to pilot the effectiveness of new road signage. Otherwise, it would not make economic sense to allocate a massive budget having all the roads painted to find out it has not been successful.

Trial road signs

On this occasion, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda (Mitma) is trialing its new road markings in an area of Burgos.

Dragon´s teeth

The new markings have been called “dragon´s teeth” and “broken edge lines”. Their objectives are to alert the road users of the proximity of a potential risk ahead, and something they should be aware of. This would include pedestrian crossings and similar. And as such, the reason for the signage is to slow drivers down on approach.

The dragon´s teeth markings are laid out early on the approach. They consist of triangles painted between the lines to delimit the lane. This alerts the driver to reduce speed significantly.

Broken edge lines

The broken edge lines warn the driver of the proximity of a zebra crossing in an area with more visibility. These zig-zag-type lines are very common in the UK, but so far, not here in Spain. The road markings are painted 30 metres ahead of the crossing and as with the “dragon´s teeth” markings, they are intended for the driver to slow the vehicle.

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