New: from €39 with the TGV from Paris to Barcelona

by Lorraine Williamson
Paris to Barcelona

BARCELONATo get more people out of the plane into the train, the French rail company SNCF offers the Paris-Barcelona route by high-speed train for prices from €39. 

From December 11, there will be important changes to the rail route between Barcelona and Paris! The most important thing for the user is that there are now two trips per day instead of one. Moreover, a third connection will follow in the summer of 2023. Until now, Renfe and the French provider SNCF have carried out the journey together. 

Two new trains from Paris to Barcelona

However, the two new trains will be fully operated from December by SNCF Voyageurs. Furthermore, it which will use the TGV Ouigo from Lyon station to Sants. 

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The price of €39 is very competitive, but the duration of the trip is less favourable. Despite the high speed, the travel time of 7 hours and 15 minutes is much longer than the flight path. Trains depart from Paris at 9.42 am and 2.56 pm, arriving in Barcelona at 4.25 pm and 9.25 pm respectively. In other words, just over seven hours. The return to Paris is at 10.33 am and 2.32 pm from Barcelona, ​​arriving at 5.18 pm and 9.18 pm. 

No explanation has been given as to why Renfe has pulled out of the route, although SNCF and Renfe are known to compete in different markets. 

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