Much-discussed former Spanish king is coming to Spain soon

by Lorraine Williamson
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The much-discussed former king of Spain, Juan Carlos, will soon return to his own country. However, it is just a visit of a few days. Spanish newspapers report that he will only attend the Sanxenxo sailing regattas. It is unknown whether he will visit the royal family. 

The Spanish newspapers El Mundo and, among others, wrote on Monday that Juan Carlos will arrive in Spain on Wednesday, April 19. The trip of the emeritus king of Spain will last until April 23. 

Juan Carlos in Spain for the second time since emigration 

The Spanish newspapers rely on stories from friends of Juan Carlos who have indicated that the former Spanish king will soon return to Spain. It will be Juan Carlos’ second visit to Spain after his emigration to Abu Dhabi. 

Since the summer of 2020, Juan Carlos has settled in the United Arab Emirates. This after some scandals, mainly unclear financial transactions, in which he was allegedly involved in when in Spain. However, before his visit to Spain, a private lunch is planned in London with the UK´s King Charles III. 

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Visit to famous sailing competitions Galicia planned 

Juan Carlos came to Spain for the last time in May 2022. At that time, he also paid a visit to his sailing comrades in Sanxenxo. He was then present at the well-known sailing competitions of Club Náutico de Sanxenxo. Afterwards, he visited the current king of Spain and his son, Felipe, and his wife Sofia and other relatives at the royal palace. 

For the upcoming trip, the former king of Spain plans to be present again this year at the upcoming sailing regattas in Sanxenxo in Pontevedra. These will take place on April 22 and 23. Immediately afterwards he will fly back to Abu Dhabi. At the moment it is still unknown whether he will visit his wife and children in the royal house prior to the sailing competitions. ‘La Casa Real’ has not yet announced that a visit from Juan Carlos is imminent. Also last year little was released about this, except that it was known that the agenda of the royal family was blocked for a whole day. 

Former king and wife Sofia also at the coronation of King Charles? 

Both the royal houses of Spain and the UK have not yet confirmed whether Juan Carlos and his wife Sofia will be present at the coronation of King Charles. King Felipe and Queen Letizia will attend this ceremony in England. 

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