Juan Carlos already in Spain but not directly to Zarzuela Palace

by Lorraine Williamson
Zarzuela Palace - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Palacio_Real_(Madrid)_17.jpg

Earlier than expected, Emeritus King of Spain, Juan Carlos, landed in Spain from Abu Dhabi on May 19. He did not go – as might have been thoughtto his family in the Zarzuela Palace, but pays a weekend visit to his sailing comrades at Club Náutico in Sanxenxo. 

Earlier this week, it was announced that the former king of Spain would not arrive until the weekend. And would, therefore, visit the Zarzuela Palace on Saturday and Sunday. However, images from various Spanish media show that the former King of Spain landed on Thursday evening with a private plane at Vigo airport in Galicia. Moreover, he spent his first night in Spain at the house of good friend Pedro Campos of sailing club Sanxenxo in Pontevedra. 

As far as is known, the agenda of the royal palace has been completely released on Monday. This would therefore, indicate that Juan Carlos I will not visit Felipe VI, his daughter-in-law, his wife Sofía and other relatives until Monday. 

Juan Carlos first to sailing comrades and Club Náutico Sanxenxo 

The first images from Spanish media, including La Sexta, showed Juan Carlos with a walking stick and a cap on in the car. Just after 12.30 pm on Friday afternoon, Juan Carlos arrived at Club Náutico in Sanxenxo with his daughter Elena and sailing comrade Pedro Campos. Although the former king has been criticized in recent years, he is still loved by a few. People waiting for him shouted “Viva el Rey” (Long live the King) as Juan Carlos got out of the car. 

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Emeritus king only for short visits to Spain 

Also next weekend Juan Carlos will be present at the sailing competitions of Club Náutico de Sanxenxo. Sources confirm that he will return in June to attend the World Sailing Championship at this location. For now, it seems that Juan Carlos will only make short visits to Spain. However, it appears that this could be the prelude to a permanent return to Spain. But this has not yet been confirmed by official sources. 

Arrival of Juan Carlos arouses interest in the (inter)national press 

The arrival of Juan Carlos I to Spain arouses a lot of interest from the national and international press. More than 200 journalists from over 100 media companies attended to cover the arrival and stay of the former king. 

This is due mainly to the controversy and financial scandals where Juan Carlos’ name cropped up several times. However, several criminal proceedings against Juan Carlos I have since lapsed. This is because they are time-barred or because certain matters fall under the inviolability of the king. But, this does not mean that Juan Carlos is also morally innocent. The Spanish government recently emphasized that Juan Carlos owes his country an official statement. 

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