Minor earthquake detected off the coast of Benidorm

by Lorraine Williamson
earthquake off Benidorm coast

BENIDORM – A minor earthquake was detected on Wednesday off the coast between Benidorm and L’Alfàs del Pi in Alicante. As reported by the National Geographic Institute (IGN), the seismic event took place at 9.33 am. 

The quake registered a magnitude of 1.7 on the Richter scale. It marks the 68th earthquake detected in the province of Alicante this year. This is an increase of 24 compared to the same period in 2022. 

However, this is the first earthquake detected off the coast of Marina Baixa this year. For context, in 2022, only one earthquake was reported, which occurred on August 6 off the coast of La Vila Joiosa with a magnitude of 1.5. 

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Tidal Disturbance Concerns 

Although the earthquake off Benidorm was minor, it did not result in any serious repercussions. However, there are always concerns with coastal seismic activities as they carry the risk of aftershocks or tidal disturbances that could potentially escalate into tsunamis. 

Experts are closely monitoring the area to identify the cause of the earthquake and evaluate the possibility of aftershocks in the upcoming days. As of now, no warnings have been issued to the local population due to the mild nature of the event. However, several response teams have been put on alert to handle any unforeseen developments. 

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