Mega yachts avoid Ibiza after vandalism by environmentalists

by Lorraine Williamson
vandalised yacht

IBIZA – After the actions of environmental organizations such as Futuro Vegetal and Extinction Rebellion at Blue Marlin Ibiza Beach Club and at the entrance of the famous club Pachá, the actions of the environmentalists are beginning to take their toll on tourism on the island. 

Some luxury boat owners are cancelling or postponing their reservations for moorings in Ibiza’s marinas, with all the economic consequences that entails. 

The captains are afraid that their boat could become the next target of activists who want to draw attention to the climate crisis. Furthermore, their fears are not without reason. On Sunday, two environmental activists from the group Futuro Vegetal daubed the mega-jcht “Kaos” with paint. According to the newspaper Periódico de Ibiza, the vessel worth €300 million belongs to the heiress of the American Walmart fortune, Nancy Watson. 

Privileges of small privileged class 

The collective denounces the fact that preserving the privileges of this small privileged class is the “only reason why the current economic system is maintained, while it “leads to ecosocial collapse”. 

Cogesa Expats

Punish those responsible 

The Association of Nautical Companies of the Balearic Islands has condemned the “destruction” of the mega yacht Kaos by members of the Futuro Vegetal organisation and has demanded “that the necessary measures be taken to punish those responsible and guarantee” that such actions “do not happen again”. 

Image of the Balearic Islands 

It is warned that such events “jeopardise the image of the Balearic Islands as one of the most important nautical destinations in the Mediterranean”. That also includes “possible damage to the jobs and economy of the islands”. All the more so given that the Balearic Islands are a hub in the field of boat maintenance and repair”. 

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