Maximum occupancy for hotels in Mallorca for Semana Santa

by Lorraine Williamson
Mallorca hotels

MALLORCA – The tourism sector in Mallorca could not have wished for a better start to the season. Hotels in desirable areas of Mallorca such as Cala Millor, Playa de Muro or Playa de Palma are no longer taking reservations for Easter because they are already full. 

Local newspapers such as Ultima Hora and Diario de Mallorca report this. In general, it is estimated that hotels will reach occupancy levels of between 70 and 80% from April 6 to 9 (from Jueves Santo to Easter Sunday), with some reaching over 90%. This would represent an increase of 10 points from the same holiday period in 2019, the last normal season before the corona pandemic messed everything up. 

According to estimates by the hotel federation FEHM, the best figures are expected at the end of April. Then 90% of the hotels on the island of Mallorca will be open. 

Ultima Hora emphasises that demand from Germany in particular is extremely high. Moreover, this even exceeds pre-pandemic levels. An explanation given for this refers to many Germans who have chosen Mallorca instead of Turkey since the violent earthquakes in Turkey. 

Also optimal occupancy rate on flights 

German airlines, including TUI Fly and those of the Lufthansa group (Eurowings), also indicate that the occupancy rate on flights is optimal for the first half of April. According to British airlines, the forecasts for air traffic and passenger movements to Mallorca are well above those of 2019. In that respect, Easter will be a good harbinger of what´s to come in Mallorca from May. 

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