Mass vaccinations a possibility in Andalucia

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MALAGA: The Spanish region wants to be ready with mass vaccinations programme once delivery picks up.

Spanish regional authorities are working hard to make mass vaccinations possible. The Junta of Andalucia is considering vaccinations in large buildings and stadiums. This will only be possible once manufacturers resolve their supply issues. 

David Moreno, who oversees the vaccination campaign in Andalucia, gave more details during an interview with Canal Sur Radio on Tuesday. 

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Vaccination of over-80s and middle-aged people 

Moreno said the elderly who do not live in care centres could be vaccinated at home. It is also possible for a family member to attend the vaccination point with their elder. People over  80 years of age will be called about the vaccination schedule. Middle-aged people will be digitally informed where and when they will receive a first injection. 

Insufficient vaccines in Spain to achieve goals 

La Vanguardia newspaper reported that the Andalucian government’s goal is to vaccinate 80% of healthcare workers and 80% of the over-80s by March. To achieve this, Andalucia must receive 1 million doses of vaccines by the end of March. It is delivery of vaccines which presents the problems for Andalucia and other regions.  

Andalucia has enough staff and space for mass vaccinations 

Moreno said that this week Andalucia will administer between 75,000 and 80,000 doses.  5,000 doses are in storage for the second shot to the first target group. Andalucia needs 350,000 doses per week  to vaccinate 70% of the population by the summer.  Andalucia has enough personnel and the infrastructure ready for when supply catches up, he added.

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