Marbella best tourist month in 17 years

by Lorraine Williamson
Marbella tourist month November

MARBELLA – Experts already predicted during the pandemic that people are experiencing an increasing need for travel. A need that will be met as soon as the situation allows, resulting in record numbers. In the case of Marbella, the tourist prediction has come true. 

Marbella, located in the heart of the Costa del Sol (Málaga), registers the best tourist month of November since 2004. In 17 years, hotel occupancy in this coastal municipality has not been this high. 

Laura de Arce, general director of Tourism of the city council, emphasises to La Opinion de Málaga that November has ended with an occupancy of 59%. The highest percentage in this month since 2004. 

The record has mainly been broken thanks to international tourists. National tourists were slightly down with an attendance of 5.6% lower than in November 2019. The number of international tourists visiting Marbella was no less than 15% higher than in November 2019. 

Foreign tourists 

“For the first time this year, foreign tourists have surpassed the pre-pandemic records,” says De Arce with pleasure. This growth is led by Germans, French and Dutch. The British are also gaining ground little by little. 

December will show a different picture 

However, the month of December will not close so positively. “We are aware that due to the current situation of the pandemic, December will not follow the same pattern especially in the European countries of origin,” explains the general manager of Tourism Marbella. 


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