Malaga welcomes Uber Green

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Uber Green

MALAGA – Uber announced last Wednesday that residents and visitors of Málaga can now order an Uber Green. This way they can move through the city completely emission-free.

After Madrid, Malaga is the second city in Spain to launch this service. Lola Vilas, Uber’s director in Spain, said: “As the largest mobility platform in the world, we play a key role in the fight against climate change.” The expansion to Málaga is seen as a crucial step in Uber’s ambition to become a completely emission-free platform.

Record growth on the Costa del Sol

Uber Green comes to Málaga after a summer in which the platform broke all records on the Costa del Sol. Compared to the high seasons of previous years, a growth of 45% has been observed. Popular destinations include Málaga Airport and Marbella bus station.

Much more than a taxi service

Uber already has a wide range of services in Málaga, including Taxi, UberX, Uber Comfort, Uber Black, Uber Van and Uber Pet. With the addition of Uber Green, the portfolio becomes even broader and the company positions itself as one of the most complete mobility solutions in Europe.

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On the way to zero emissions

This new service is part of Uber’s global goal to become a completely zero-emissions platform by 2040. To achieve this, the company is investing $800 million in Europe, the US and Canada. In Spain, Uber has partnered with leading companies such as Repsol, Santander and Nissan to offer special financing terms for the purchase of electric vehicles.

Additional incentives for drivers

To encourage the transition to electric vehicles, Uber is offering a range of bonuses. Drivers who complete their first 20 rides with Uber Green can earn an additional €100. Those who trade in their vehicle for an electric variant can even earn up to €500 extra after completing 100 journeys.

Emission-free zones in Malaga

Malaga is in the middle of preparations to introduce emission-free zones as of January 1, 2024. Vehicles are allowed or not based on their emissions. However, the municipal council has requested a one-year postponement due to problems in determining which vehicles meet the requirements. It is estimated that many delivery services, mopeds and motorcycles will no longer enter the city once the measures have been implemented, with all the consequences that entails.

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