Living in a large closet for 600 euros per month in Barcelona

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BARCELONA – With rental prices often exceeding €1,000 per month, finding affordable housing in Barcelona seems like a real challenge. However, there is an apartment that proves it is possible to live cheaper than that.

Located at number 9 Carrer Arc de Sant Pau in the Raval district, the apartment offers 20 square metres of living space. While this may seem cramped, it is just enough to feel human and not like a forgotten item in a storage room.

CatalunyaPress found the apartment on the website of the real estate platform Idealista. A first glance at the apartment’s photos reveals an unintended selfie of a man. He probably failed to take a picture of the studio without appearing in it. Although this might seem irrelevant, it contributes to the unique experience this apartment offers.

The apartment has a living room where playing a game of Twister would be a tight squeeze. A notable feature is a closet that also serves as a bed, with the television directly above the sofa. This arrangement provides a unique and possibly uncomfortable viewing experience.

Risky bathroom

The bathroom of this ‘bargain’ priced at €600 per month features a shower stall with no separation from the rest of the bathroom, leading to frequent flooding. The washing machine and something resembling a boiler are also located in the shower stall, posing a constant risk of electrocution. The toilet bowl is so small that even a five-year-old would struggle to sit on it.

Costa and rental conditions

The rent for the apartment is €600, with the real estate agent Skyflats Barcelona charging an additional €110 per month for utilities such as water, electricity, and internet. Additionally, a deposit of two months’ rent (€1,200) is required to move in.

According to the advertisement, the apartment includes a living/dining room, an open kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a balcony. It is fully furnished and equipped with a washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, and heating, and has plenty of natural light. It is located near public transportation, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets, all within just 20 square metres.

This apartment offers a unique opportunity to live in the centre of Barcelona at a relatively low price. It would certainly be an option for adventurous individuals willing to significantly adjust their living standards.

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