Lanzarote turns green due to ‘holy rain’

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ARRECIFE – After all the rainfall in recent weeks, spring seems to be approaching in Lanzarote. The first flowers appear and the usual brown and ochre hues of the landscape have given way to green. The farmers are very happy with all the rain that has fallen.

The many and constant rain showers have resulted in ‘a green blanket’, especially in the north of the volcanic island of Lanzarote. The first flowers herald the arrival of spring. Spring usually starts two or three months earlier in the Canary Islands than in the rest of Spain.

Extremely wet

The rainwater that has fallen on the island recently came mainly from light but constant showers. Except for the first half of January, torrential downpours, with a cumulative amount of water averaging more than 40 liters per square meter or 40 milliliters, revealed another side of the usually sunny island.


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Good for crops

The last showers saw the end of storm Filomena. The rainfall was constant, without the tremendous intensity of the first days of the storm. The rain was a blessing to the farmers; there has been enough rain to save the parched arable land on which they planted crops in October and November, such as (sweet) potatoes and lentils and other cereals.

At the end of November last year, there was also a lot of rain on the Canary Island. Lanzarote can therefore speak of a fairly good rainy season, with an average rainfall of more than 70 milliliters between October and January. A relief for the dry soil on Lanzarote.

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