Supreme Court reject Catalan Elections postponement

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supreme court reject Catalan elections

BARCELONA – The Catalan Supreme Court TSJC has provisionally rejected the move of the elections from February 14 to May 30 in Catalonia. The postponement of the elections and now their rejection is causing even more clashes between Catalan parties.

Initially Catalonia would go to the polls on February 14. Earlier this week, it was announced that the elections would be postponed to May 30 due to the corona pandemic and associated measures.

Clash between political parties Catalonia

Although the current Generalitat has tried to reach consensus on the date of the elections, this has not been successful. Not all political parties agree with the new date. Some claim that it is not the corona restrictions but political motives behind the reason for the postponement of the elections. Some even called the delay ‘an attack on democracy’.

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Final decision on date of elections later this week

Parties such as Lliga Democràtica speak of ‘abuse of power and violation of the Catalans’ right to vote’. They have lodged a complaint about the postponement of the elections. Subsequently, the TSJC took this preliminary decision. The judge has yet to make a final decision on the rejection of moving the elections to May 30. Most likely, this will happen later this week. If not the fixed term for holding elections will be jeopardised. 

Replacement necessary for Quim Torra

Nevertheless, in 2021, Catalonia will go to the polls to democratically choose a successor to regional president Quim Torra. This will be the thirteenth democratic election since 1980. Torra was impeached by the Spanish Supreme Court on September 28, 2020 for ignoring a request to remove a banner demanding the release of Catalan political leaders.

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