Human trafficking operation dismantled by Guardia Civil

by Lorraine Williamson
human trafficking

Operation “MALUS SOMNIA-MESO” investigated a criminal organisation that recruited women from Columbia. The gang gave the promise of a new life and the expectation of high earning potential.

According to the Guardia Civil, the women were transported to Spain by taking advantage of their situations. They were sent a letter of invitation, and thus luring them to a “better life” by deception.

Forced to have sex

On their arrival in Spain, their personal documentation was taken from them, and the women were taken to different properties and force to have sex with various “clients” against their wishes. They were also forced into taking narcotics during the long hours of the time they worked. They were also expected to offer substances to their “clients”.

Fake debts

The victims were told they had acquired debts and had to do as they were told until they were paid off, otherwise members of their family in Columbia would be harmed.

The gang placed adverts on thousands of web pages offering this “new life” in Spain

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Human trafficking victims

When the operation went “live”, five victims were released and three of them are being protected as witnesses. The women were of different nationalities. It seems this criminal operation is not new, and it is possible that more than 30 women in total have been victims over a period.


Six people have been arrested and a further three are under investigation. Of those arrested, four of them are women. Three are Colombian and the other is Spanish. They are being investigated for crimes of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, money laundering, belonging to a criminal organisation, and for crimes against public health.

The operation focused on Ciudad Real and Granada. On searching four homes, police found a large amount of documentation, and numerous receipts for large money transfers to third countries

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