House prices in the outskirts are rising faster than in major Spanish cities

by Lorraine Williamson
house prices in major cities

House prices in major cities in Spain continue to rise despite the uncertain period. House prices in the city are becoming unaffordable. Therefore, many people are moving to surrounding municipalities. Although, prices in peripheral municipalities have also risen considerably. 

Despite the current uncertain period after the corona pandemic, ever-rising inflation and energy prices and the ongoing war in Ukraine, house prices continue to rise in Spain. Every month, Idealista, conducts research into house prices in Spain. Records were also reached in September when it came to prices per square metre for homes for sale. 

Extreme house prices in major cities of Spain 

Last month it cost €5,144/m2 (+3.3%) for a house in San Sebastian and €3,992/m2 (+7.6%) for a house in Madrid. In Barcelona, ​​prices rose by 5% compared to September 2021, so that the square metre price is now €4,121. 

Consequently, with these prices, many people are now mainly looking for a home just outside the city. That is why Idealista also examined the prices of houses in municipalities and neighbourhoods around Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the most desirable cities for house seekers in Spain. 

Idealista investigated house prices in 53 suburbs of Barcelona and Madrid 

More precisely, Idealista conducted a survey of house prices in 31 municipalities in Barcelona and 22 in Madrid. In September, house prices in these 53 municipalities analysed sometimes increased by more than 20% compared to a year ago. 

Cogesa Expats

For example, it now costs €2,074/m2 for a house in Getafe, Sector 3 (Madrid), which is 32.2% more than in September 2021. In Las Rozas de Madrid, Club de Golf, it costs almost the same square metre price, which 31.1% more than a year ago. 

In Montcada i Reixac, la Ribera (Barcelona), the square metre price is €2,000, which is 26% higher than a year ago. House prices in Begues have also increased by 22.3% and currently sit at €2,644/m2. However, house prices have not risen in all the municipalities analysed. A few dozen neighborhoods and municipalities recorded lower prices last month than a year ago. 

In the Spanish-language article by Idealista, interactive maps of Barcelona and Madrid and the surrounding area show which neighbourhoods and municipalities have the highest house prices. In addition, it can also be read by what percentage the prices have increased compared to the same month in 2021. 

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