Hidden cocaine seized

by Lorraine Williamson
hidden cocaine

As part of a joint operation between La Policia Nacional, the Tax Agency, and the Argentinian Federal Police (PFA), 165 kilos of cocaine have been seized.

A successful joint operation was carried out between the Spanish  National Police, the Tax Agency, and the Federal Police in Argentina. 

Cocaine seized

Furthermore, they managed to seize 165 kilos of cocaine. Moreover, this was hidden in a container originating from Argentina, and using the “blind hook” procedure.

Blind hook

The “blind hook” or “rip off” is a technique whereby the drugs are included in a container of legal or empty merchandise. Then, the cocaine is removed at the destination port.

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On this occasion, the drugs were intercepted in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This was after being introduced to a container ship in the port of Zárate (Argentina).

Eight members of the organisation were dedicated to maritime drug trafficking through container ships between South America and Europe. Furthermore, they have all been arrested in Argentina and $323,000 has been seized.

Getting drugs onto the islands

In related news, the Policia Nacional demonstrates that introducing drugs on the islands is more complicated than doing it on the mainland.

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