Hashish and Cocaine recent seizures throughout Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
police seizures

MADRID – Drugs are everywhere, and the police have a constant battle on their hands. So, it is always good to give credit where it is due. InSpain.news has highlighted some of the recent success stories of these seizures.

In Huelva, the National Police dismantled a drug operation when they seized more than two tons of hashish. Twenty people were arrested and charged with drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organisation, and money laundering. The police also found two large crops of marijuana. Allegedly, the money from these crops is what they used to finance their main illegal activity. Furthermore, over €80,000 euros in cash was found along with numerous vehicles and two boats that were prepared and ready to conduct drug trafficking.

In Madrid, the National Police stopped a shipment of 150 kilos of cocaine in a car park. Two people were arrested when they were handling the drugs. The cocaine was hidden inside eight sports bags and was inside a van.

More successful seizures

Meanwhile, in Alicante, the Guardia Civil intercepted a boat carrying 1,300 kilos of hashish. This event took place on October 21 when the police spotted a boat sailing off the coast of the town of Santa Pola in Alicante. They thought it looked suspicious. So under the framework of Surveillance and Prevention for immigration and drug trafficking, the police went to confirm the reason for the boat being there.

As the police approached, the boat attempted to flee at high speed. After a chase, the police caught up with the vessel. Upon entering the boat, they discovered 1,300 kilos of hashish. Three men were arrested.

Two days prior to the above successful operation, more than 5,200 kilos were seized on a sailboat at sea. This was part of a joint operation with the Spanish National Police, the Portuguese Police, Navy and Air Force, UK crime agency, and the drug enforcement administration of the US. Also involved were, the Centre for Analysis and Maritime Operations on Drug Trafficking (MAOC), the Intelligence Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime (CITCO), and the Anti-Narcotics Directorate of the National Police of Colombia.

Largest seizure

According to the official, YouTube channel of the National Police, this is the largest amount of cocaine seized from a boat in history thanks to this combined effort. Three people were arrested.

There are many many more success stories such as these.


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