German arsonist arrested for setting 7 fires in Mallorca

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german arsonist
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MALLORCA – In Mallorca, police officers have arrested a German arsonist on suspicion of having set seven fires at various points in the municipality of Calvià. The Guardia Civil arrested him in collaboration with the local and environmental police.

On Saturday afternoon, three fires occurred on farms on Son Pillo road, the old road leading to Calvià Vila. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the emergency services only 600 metres of bushes burned. They arrived just minutes after they received the alarm.

Two more fires

Then, just hours later, already into Sunday morning, two more fires broke out. The first was along the road from Es Capdellà to Puigpunyent, in a forest area and with a high risk due to the high temperatures. The second took place on Santa Ponça Avenue. Again, the fire brigade extinguished both fires after a few minutes, just like the day before.

However, the arsonist’s action did not stop here. Because it became clear the fires were not a coincidence the authorities started the investigation into the causes of the first three fires. Meanwhile, two more fires were reported. Both in the area of ​​Santa Ponsa.


Camera was set up

Given the high activity of the arsonist, the police set up a surveillance camera in the area. Agents of the Guardia Civil in Calvià, Seprona agents, local municipality police and Environmental agents worked together.

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At noon on Sunday, they finally saw a man in a vehicle take off at full speed from Son Pillo road, where the fires broke out on Saturday. A local police patrol intercepted him. The police questioned and arrested him on suspicion of setting seven fires in the area in just two days. It was a 55-year-old man of German nationality. Officers also seized his car, in which they found several kitchen burners. They believe the arsonist used these to set the fires.  

On Monday morning, the alleged German arsonist was made available to the investigating judge in Palma.

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