In one week, 42,000 drivers in Spain received this traffic fine

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traffic fine

MADRID – More than 42,000 drivers in Spain have received a fine for the same traffic violation in just seven days. The campaign from the Spanish traffic authority DGT ran from 4 to 10 July

It concerns 42,000 traffic fines for speeding on the entire Spanish road network. The traffic police fined these drivers from the 2,274 established checkpoints (351 more than in the summer campaign last year).

To this end, the traffic service checked a total of 747,303 vehicles. Of these, 21,135 drivers were caught speeding on highways. Just over half, 54.4%, of the points installed on the Spanish road network have been installed on this type of road.

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Less of this traffic fine than last year

According to DGT, the rest of the fined drivers, up to 21,067, were fined on the rest of the roads. Of the total number of checked vehicles, 5.6% drove above the speed limit, “a slightly higher percentage than last July’s campaign, when the percentage was a few tenths less (5.2%)”, according to the report. DGT in a press statement.

Crime against road safety

The DGT emphasises that of the total sanctions, five have committed a crime against road safety and have been brought to court “for exceeding the speed limit on the road by more than 80 km/h”, as stated in the Criminal Code.

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