Roundabouts in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
roundabouts in Spain

Accidents can happen anywhere, but they are a common occurrence on roundabouts in Spain. And if found guilty of causing an accident, you could be subject to a fine and points deducted from your driving license.

The DGT advise us of the 5 most common dangers and offences committed on roundabouts in Spain.

According to their statistics, one in three drivers involved in an accident at a roundabout committed an offence. The most common of offences are speeding, and not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front.


Other than those roundabouts with a road marking or traffic light, priority must be given to those already on the roundabout. Trying to get onto a roundabout without respecting the right of way, can cause an accident. If you cause an accident in this way, you could receive a €200 fine and have 4 points removed from your license.

Likewise, leaving the roundabout from an inside lane, crossing in front of other vehicles, can also have serious consequences.


Speeding also causes many incidents at roundabout intersections. It should be a basic precaution to slow down when approaching a roundabout. Speeding also interrupts the flow of traffic and can make it difficult for other drivers to enter or leave.

Speeding on a roundabout in Spain can be a classed as a crime if it causes a danger to other lives. If so, this would be subject to a €500 fine and 6 points deducted.

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Many problems can also occur while driving within a roundabout. When changing lanes, always indicate and respect others and their priorities. This is also often when people seem to forget to leave a safe distance. Furthermore, it is also when drivers may have to brake suddenly. Continuous lane changes that cause an accident through other drivers having to break can carry a fine of €200.

As detailed in a previous article, the right-hand lane is where you should always exit from. Therefore, if you are in a different lane, move to the right safely before you approach your exit. Moreover, always change lanes following two basic rules;

  • respect the priority of those who are already circulating
  • signal the manoeuvre sufficiently in advance

Leaving the roundabout from the inside lane and causing an accident carries a €500 fine and 6 points.

accidents on roundabouts in Spain

Image @DGT

Vulnerable users

Furthermore, in roundabouts we must pay maximum attention in the presence of vulnerable users, such as cyclists and motorcyclists. Pay particular attention to respecting their priority in exits, entrances, and lane changes. Always keep an adequate distance from them, as they are the users more difficult to detect and more fragile in circulation.

Finally, be aware that there may be pedestrians crossing the road at the entrance or exit to a roundabout. Do not forget to look both ways.

Reckless driving can be a crime if it puts lives in danger and would result in a fine of €500 and 6 points deducted from your license.

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