Full tank of petrol in Spain now 18 euros more expensive than in January

by Lorraine Williamson
petrol prices
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The fuel price in Spain has not been as high as it is now for the past eight years. And for nine weeks in a row, the price per litre of petrol and diesel has continued to rise. Last week alone, it rose by 0.5% and 0.6% respectively. 

On average, a litre of petrol in Spain now costs €1.505 and a litre of diesel €1.381. This means a full tank of 55 litres of petrol now amounts to approximately €83.00 and a full tank of diesel to €76.00. Exactly one year ago, in November last year, fuel prices rose for the first time in a while. Since then, the price has not increased further, until in August. 

Since the beginning of this year, fuel prices have risen by 27% and 29% respectively. In concrete terms, this means that at the moment €18 more for a full tank of petrol and €17 more for a full tank of diesel must be paid at the pump than in January. 

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Last month, petrol became about 6% and diesel about 7% more expensive. If we compare last week with the same week in 2020, when the necessary travel restrictions were still in force in Spain, the price for petrol has even increased by 31% and for diesel by 36%. 

Record from 2012 will soon be broken 

With fuel increasing weekly in Spain, it is not unlikely that the price record of September 3, 2012 will soon be broken. At that time, a litre of petrol cost €1,522 and a litre of diesel cost €1,445. The price difference with nine years ago is only 1.1% for petrol and 4% for diesel. 

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