Additional energy costs of €854 per year for households in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
households rise in costs

MADRID – The Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) warns that the rise in energy prices will have a “strong impact” on households, and estimates they will pay €854 more annually. 

The most notable increase is in fuel prices.  Once again, they reached historic highs in early October of €1.47 for petrol and €1.34 for diesel. This price means an annual additional cost of €404 for petrol or €301 per year for diesel for a driver who drives 20,000 kilometres per year. 

The additional cost for the increase in electricity will amount to €261. This is for an average home with a contracted power of 4.6 kW of electricity and consumption of 3,500 kW/year. Consequently, it will go from €675 to €936 in 2020. if current prices remain in effect. 

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Natural gas 

Natural gas is also another energy source that has risen sharply in price. In this case, the OCU estimates an annual additional cost of $189 for an average household consuming 9,000 kW/year. This is added to butane, a product that has, in turn, increased 33% in the past 12 months. 

Many people in Spain still use butane gas bottles to heat their water or to cook. The maximum price of the butane bottle, the 12.5-kilogram cylinder, has risen by 4.88% to €16.12, according to a resolution published in the Government Gazette (BOE). This increase in this new revision is due to the strong increase in raw material prices (+ 19.86%). The price for a ‘bombona de butano’ thus almost reached the record level of 2013 and 2014, when a gas bottle had to be paid well above €17 for a long time. 

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