Five exclusive, local fashion shops in Valencia

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VALENCIA – The busiest shopping streets worldwide are starting to look more and more alike. Franchises and large chains dominate the street scene. Nevertheless, in a city like Valencia, there are still local fashion shops with a range that you will not find anywhere else.

For whom fashion is a way to express themselves and feel unique, these types of local boutiques are a true gift. How nice is it to be on holiday and add a few special items or accessories to your wardrobe as a souvenir? Here are a few shops that you should not miss as a tourist or proud local.

Fashion shops in the city of Valencia

Valencia offers a wide range of shopping experiences, from chic boutiques in the Eixample district to the bustling Mercado Central, where local products are in abundance. Stroll through the historic El Carmen district with its narrow streets and discover unique shops offering handmade jewellery, ceramics and traditional Spanish textiles. For luxury lovers, Calle Colón is the place to be, with high-end brands and international designers.

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In addition to the traditional craft markets, Valencia is also a hub for modern trends. Several shopping centres such as the Aqua Multiespacio and Nuevo Centro offer a one-stop-shop experience with a wide range of international and Spanish brands

1. Alpargateria Sanchis

This shoe store specialises in typical Spanish espadrilles. Sanchis has been located at Calle de Cervantes number 6 since 1942 and breathes Valencian tradition. Owner José Francisco Sanchis de la Orden says: “We regularly receive visits from Italians and French. Not everyone buys something, but many are curious about our collection. And surprisingly, a lot of young people have been coming lately.” The store offers locally produced espadrilles and has chosen not to go online. “Sometimes the old ways are the best,” Sanchis adds.

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2. Doam Slow Fashion

On Calle Gravador Esteve we find the boutique of Marina Domínguez, who carefully selects brands that share her vision of sustainable fashion. “What I offer goes beyond clothing. It is a philosophy of life,” says Marina. In addition to everyday pieces, her store also offers exclusive items for special occasions, all in line with ethical production and responsible consumption.

3. Simuero

Internationally known but with a strong local presence. Founders Rocío and Jorge design and craft each piece of jewellery in their studio at Calle Burriana 44. “Every piece we create is a small work of art, made with love and attention to detail,” says Rocío. Visitors can come by appointment to experience the creative process up close.

4. Sombreros Albero

This historic hat shop, with more than 200 years of history, is located on Plaza del Mercado and Calle Xátiva. “We are part of the soul of Valencia,” says owner Manuel Albero. With a collection ranging from traditional hats to modern caps, Sombreros Albero represents the timeless character of Valencian craft.

5. Black Cape

Located at Hernán Cortés 14, Black Cape sets a new standard for masculine elegance. “Our clothing is an investment in yourself,” says owner Carlos Pérez. From suits to casual clothing, everything is mainly produced in Europe. They also offer an exclusive customisation service, guaranteeing a complete shopping experience.

These are a few fashion shops where you can buy valuable memories. Craftsmanship is still of paramount importance and the makers aim to make their customers feel unique.

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