First repatriation plane from Afghanistan en route to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Afghanistan repatriation to Spain

WORLD NEWS – Since the Taliban has taken over in Afghanistan, thousands have fled. Spain sent three planes to get Spaniards as well as Afghan personnel and family to safety as quickly as possible. The first plane just took off from Kabul towards Spain. 

The Spanish news channel CadenaSER writes on Wednesday morning that the first two planes had first flown to Dubai. There they waited until it would be safe enough to land in Kabul. Today, the first plane landed in the Afghan capital just after 1 pm, reports the Spanish news site Diplomatic sources said around half past two that the first plane departed Kabul for Dubai. 

Spanish embassy staff and Afghan support

The Spanish government’s plan is to remove around 500 people from Kabul with the first two planes. The list of people to be picked up was finalised this morning. It consists of Spanish embassy staff, and police who are part of the security of this delegation. Furthermore, it includes Afghan staff (interpreters and support staff) who worked with the Spaniards, and Spanish residents living in Afghanistan. 

Cogesa Expats

With regard to Afghan people who are repatriated, they may also bring their husband or wife, children, family dependent on them, and any unmarried siblings. 

Spain sends third plane full of drugs to Kabul 

This morning the Spanish Prime Minister wrote that a third plane is on its way from Madrid to Dubai to help with the repatriation work. This third plane also carries a cargo of army drugs and medical supplies for local organisations in Afghanistan. 

Stopover in Dubai before flight to Spain 

Although the Spanish government is taking into account a total of about 500 people, more people may have to be evacuated. In that case, the planes will fly between Kabul and Dubai several times. About 110 people can board each plane. The most important thing is that everyone is brought to Dubai as soon as possible. From there, the people will be taken to Spain on various military and commercial flights. 

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