First half this year 43 million international air passengers in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
International travellers to Spain

Spain received more than 43 million international air passengers through June. That is 24.3% more than in the same period of 2022, according to data from Spain’s tourism agency, Turespaña 

More than 9.1 million travellers came to Spain through international airports in June. That´s 10% more than a year ago. Of these passengers, 59.8% chose low-cost airlines to travel. This represents an increase of 9.4%. Meanwhile, the number of travellers who chose traditional airlines, the remaining 40.2%, increased by 10.9%.  

For Spain’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Héctor Gómez, these figures “demonstrate the growth potential of tourism in Spain, which translates into higher income and an increase in the number of workers in the tourism sector. The forecasts for the rest of the year are extraordinary’.  

In the month of June, the number of passengers to Spain from all major countries increased. Of the total number of passengers, 55.4% came from the European Union, an increase of 7.8%. The number of tourists from the rest of the world, accounting for the remaining 44.6%, increased by 12.9%.  

Growth markets 

Compared to last year’s figures, the markets with the highest growth were Poland, with 37%, followed by Portugal and Italy, with 19.7% and 15.4%, respectively.  

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The UK accounted for 25.1% of the total number of passengers arriving in Spain in June, up 9.8% year-on-year. Moreover, this growth had positive consequences for all autonomous communities, but especially for the Balearic and Canary Islands. There, 28.0% and 20.6% of passengers arrived, respectively. Passenger arrivals from Germany (14.5% of the total) decreased slightly by -0.3%. Italy accounted for 9.1% of passenger arrivals in June, with a year-on-year growth of 15.4%, benefiting especially Catalonia (28.7% of passengers) and Madrid (25.3%).  

France accounted for 7.5% of total passengers in June, with growth of 5.9%. They mainly chose Madrid (25.0% of passengers) and Catalonia (22.3%).  

The number of passengers arriving from the Netherlands in June, 4.8% of the total, increased by 2.7%. Catalonia was the main destination (22% of passengers).  

Most arrivals in the Balearic Islands 

The Balearic Islands was the region with the most arrivals (22.8% of the total), followed by Madrid (20.4%) and Catalonia (20%). The Comunidad Valenciana had the highest year-on-year growth (14.5%). Also in low-cost air travel, the Balearic Islands was the region with the highest share of arrivals (26.3%), followed by Catalonia (22.1%), and the Valencian Community had the highest year-on-year growth (15.6%). 

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