First full weekend in Spain without a state of alarm

by Lorraine Williamson
First full weekend visiting family after the state of alarm ends

MADRID – Since the state of alarm was lifted on May 9, there is no need for Spaniards to stay home. Although the corona virus is still present, Spaniards take this first full weekend to visit family and friends. Many they had not seen for a long time. 

Almost all perimeter fences in Spain have been lifted, and the elderly and vulnerable in have been vaccinated. Both are good reasons for Spaniards to visit their beloved family and friends again after more than six months. A psychologist tells the Spanish news site that the past six months has been tough for the social Spaniards. Therefore quite a lot of travel movements are expected. 

Domestic tourism in Spain is back on track 

Coastal areas of Spain, as well as villages and towns in Valencia, report that many Spaniards already arrived on Thursday. Especially from large cities such as Madrid, many will take this first full weekend away without a state of alarm. 

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Not only have Spaniards missed the social aspect, the first weekend without restrictions also means that Spaniards can also travel to their holiday home outside their own region. Besides the fact that Spaniards can enjoy a different environment, there is also work to be done. Many holiday homes have been vacant for months and no maintenance has been carried out because the owners were simply not allowed to travel outside their region or municipality. 

Extra police in Spanish regions to avoid crowds 

Despite the state of alert no longer in place, most autonomous regions have still taken measures such as curfews or capacity restrictions on the patio or in shops to prevent new corona infections. Spanish news site La Sexta reported Friday morning that many autonomous regions have called in additional police forces to prevent mass parties like last Sunday. 


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