Spain’s first baby born with Covid-19 antibodies

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Born with Covid-19 antibodies

IBIZA – Baby Bruno was found to have thousands of antibodies against Covid-19 shortly after birth. This means he is well protected against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Born at the end of March at Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza, Baby Bruno was protected from Covid-19 as his mother was vaccinated during her pregnancy. Shortly after the birth, doctors took samples from Bruno and the umbilical cord and examined them at the Son Espases hospital in Mallorca. Where Bruno had built up more than 5,000 antibodies, his mother had 8,000. Sufficient to be well protected against the coronavirus.

Baby Bruno living proof of pregnant women trial

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo wrote last weekend that doctors were already convinced that if pregnant women were to be vaccinated later in the pregnancy, the baby would automatically produce antibodies. Bruno’s mother was vaccinated during the third trimester. Baby Bruno is living proof of the trial’s efficacy, being born with Covid-19 antibodies.

Bruno’s mother was one of three volunteers to participate in the study. The trial’s team are eagerly awaiting the birth of the other two babies to see whether they also have antibodies.

Spanish doctors talk about vaccinating pregnant women

For the time being, this approach to immunising babies appears to be positive. Successes are currently being achieved in vaccinating pregnant women with Moderna or Pfizer. According to the doctors in Ibiza, it could also be done with AstraZeneca, but insufficient studies have been done with pregnant women.

Last month, a Florida woman gave birth to the world’s first baby born with Covid-19 antibodies. She had been vaccinated three weeks before the due date.

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