Father of missing German children wanted in Tenerife is arrested

by Lorraine Williamson
Tenerife father

TENERIFE – A father of two, living in Germany had travelled to Tenerife in December of last year with his children. The following month, his partner filed a complaint in Germany regarding him taking the children abroad. He allegedly threatened to kill his children.

However, sources close to the case point out, that at no time was a search warrant registered for child abduction.

Called to appear at court

The man, of Albanian origin, father of Kristian and Amantia Toska, aged 11 and 10, disappeared in Tenerife when the authorities began looking for him. During the month of May, he was then located and called to appear with the children at court on a charge of alleged parental abduction. At that time, he was given 10 days’ notice to hand his children over to their mother. This was due to be June 21.

Fled to Lisbon

However, prior to this date, he fled to Lisbon. As the mother did not know where he had taken the children this time, she complained to the court in Spain. In August, she requested the National Police investigate.

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Once the Spanish agents discovered the man was in Portugal, the cooperation of the Portuguese authorities was requested. This culminated in the investigation with the arrest of the father of the minors.


The father who had disappeared with his two German children and was wanted on the island of Tenerife was arrested today (Tuesday) in Caldas da Rainha, a Portuguese municipality, less than 100 kilometres from Lisbon, according to sources confirmed to Europa Press. Both children are reportedly in good health.

There have been many similar acts carried out, although not all with positive endings.

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