Famous Dutch non-food discounter expands to Spain

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GIRONA – This Thursday the first Action store opened in Spain. Herewith, the fast-growing Dutch non-food discounter has almost 2,000 stores in 10 countries. Also, in the coming weeks, 3 more stores are opening their doors in Catalonia. Furthermore, these stores should prove the potential of Action in the rest of Spain.

Spain has a new player in the retail market. Action is a fast-growing international non-food discount retailer which started in the Netherlands in 1993. Its concept has already proven successful in nine countries. These are the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Czech Republic, and Italy. Action is now taking its first steps into its tenth country.

First stores serve as a gauge for Action’s popularity

Girona has the honour of being the first city in Spain with an Action. Thereafter, three more branches will follow in the coming weeks. These first stores will serve as a gauge to measure their popularity, according to Action Netherlands. Consequently, the company will consider whether Action will expand to other parts of Spain.

What does the shop offer?

Action is very well-known and popular in the Netherlands. The store offers a wide variety of non-food products. Consumers can buy cleaning products, toys, drugstore products, accessories for in and around the home, and everything in between. In the ‘about us’ section on the website we read: “We are a fast-growing, international non-food discounter with a simple and successful business model. We lead on price and differentiate on surprise. Consumers know us for our affordable everyday products. We offer around 6,000 different items in our stores, with more than 150 new products every week”. 

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Low prices

The discounter mainly promises its customers low prices. The average price of Action products is around €2. The discounter chain achieves this by large-scale purchasing, by varying the range of products, and by selling both traditional and house brands. The current offer of Action in the Netherlands will not differ much from the offer in Spanish stores.

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Action in Catalonia

Monique Groeneveld is responsible for the implementation of Action in Spain. She says the Action already had plans to open stores in Spain in May 2021. Those plans were delayed due to the pandemic. “Girona is the perfect starting point for our market entrance into Spain. Our store is located in a fantastic, varied retail environment. offering a modern ambiance and lots of parking spaces for our customers. We will open several new stores in the Catalunya region in the next couple of weeks (…)” adds Monique Groeneveld, General Manager Start-Up countries, who is currently in charge of Spain. If all goes well Action will also expand to other parts of Spain.

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