Will it finally rain this weekend in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
The rain in Spain

WEATHER – The spring-like weather of the last few days in Spain is coming to an end and we could see some rain. The Spanish weather service Meteored reports that it will start raining on Friday. And rain is desperately needed in Spain, which has been struggling for ages with drought and threatening water shortages. 

In the course of Friday, an Atlantic front will slowly approach the northwest of the peninsula. The first rain will fall in Galicia, followed by other Cantabrian regions, the upper reaches of the Ebro, the Pyrenees, the Northern Plateau, the Iberian Mountains, and possibly the Central System. 

It will also snow in these mountain ranges. Temperatures will fall on the Atlantic coast and the Canary Islands, while they will rise in the rest of the area, with unusual values of around 25ºC in the east of the country. In Galicia and the Cantabrian regions, the wind will come from the southwest, later turning to the northwest. In the Strait of Gibraltar, the wind will turn to the west and on the Canary Islands, the trade winds will continue.  

Effects of storm Eunice on Saturday 

On Saturday more unstable weather is expected due to the arrival of polar air, as a result of storm Eunice. Clouds will cover the entire country and it will rain in many regions. In the mountain areas and some plains of Castilla y León, there will be snowfall. On the Canary Islands, there are showers, which can be heavy in the north. Temperatures continue to fall, especially in the eastern half of the peninsula. Winds from the north and northeast will prevail throughout the country. Temperatures appear to be on a ‘roller coaster’ this weekend.  

Also on Sunday chance of rain  

Overcast skies are forecast for Sunday, with a chance of light showers in northern Galicia, the Cantabrian regions, and the Pyrenees in Navarre. In the southern half of Spain and in the Balearic Islands the clouds may disappear again. The Strait of Gibraltar experiences light showers during the morning and on the Canary Islands, there could be showers in the north of the larger islands. In the south of the peninsula and in the Canary Islands it will be cooler and in the north maximum temperatures will rise, although there will be frosts during the night and in the early morning. The north wind is strong in the Ebro Valley in the Empordà and the Balearic archipelago, blowing a north-easterly wind. 

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