Inditex opens largest Lefties store in the world in Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
Lefties store

The Spanish fashion brand is going big and opened the largest Lefties store in the world last weekend. The store, with an immense shopping area and equipped with the most modern gadgets, competes with the largest stores of Primark. 

On Friday, December 9, Lefties megastore opened and put Primark’s retail properties, which are often very large, in the shade. Inditex’s newest addition is officially the largest Lefties store in the world. Furthermore, it is equipped with the latest modern and technical conveniences. 

Megastore Lefties in the heart of the Spanish capital 

This new Lefties store is located in the heart of the Spanish capital, in Calle Montera near Puerta del Sol. The idea behind all the technical and modern gadgets is Inditex wants to integrate the online channel into physical stores. Much of what you see online and on social media is reflected in the store. 

Cogesa Expats

The Lefties megastore has a retail space of no less than 4,000 square metres and is spread over three floors. At the entrance is a giant 3D screen on which guests are welcomed and shown the way. The store features intelligent fitting rooms, an automated system with self-service panels for online order pick-ups and returns, and a café. There are even water sources for pets. 

Well-known DJs and artists during opening Lefties 

During the opening on December 9, well-known DJs and artists performed in the store, such as Oscar Martínez, Hektor Mass, Laura Put, Pepino, Ana Mena and Sofía Reyes. Lefties is part of the Spanish fashion brand Inditex, which is based in Galicia. With the opening of this megastore, Inditex is again competing with the Irish Primark. Primark also often has large stores that dominate the shopping streets in many countries, including Spain. 

Other Inditex subsidiaries such as Pull&Bear, Zara and Bershka are also high profile in most of the high streets in Spain and abroad. Lefties is currently operational in several countries, namely;

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Mexico
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Egypt
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Georgia
  • Andorra
  • Bahrain
  • Israel

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