A wild boar attacked and injured a 79-year-old woman in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
wild boar attacked woman
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SANTANDER We have to stay alert and careful with wild boars in Spain. In the Spanish region of Cantabria, a 79-year-old woman was attacked on Sunday by a specimen in the city limits of Arenas de Iguña. Furthermore, the woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance. 

No details have yet been received from the Sierrallana Hospital in Torrelavega about the woman’s condition. The wild boar attack took place around 1.00 pm on Sunday in San Cristóbal de Arenas de Iguña street, near the local church. This is according to information from the 112 emergency number and the government of Cantabria,

Alert 112 

The 112 immediately mobilised the health emergency service of 061 when it learned of the attack, as well as the Guardia Civil and members of the Biodiversity Directorate of the Government of Cantabria. In addition, 112 asks citizens to always warn 112 if they see wild animals in urban areas. The emergency service also points out that it is important to stay away from these animals. 

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There are 1 million wild boars in Spain 

Last summer, National Geographic warned that about 1 million wild boars live in Spain. A doubling in number in recent decades. That number could double again as early as 2025 if measures are not taken to control the population. Not only in Spain, but elsewhere in Europe, wild boars are increasingly becoming a pest causing problems in urban areas. 

No natural enemies and no fear of humans 

Because wild boars have no natural enemies and are increasingly losing their fear of humans, they are also increasingly common in urban areas, where they can find simple food. In addition to the problems posed by potential wild boar attacks on humans, the animals are also increasingly causing accidents. 

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The most recent statistics from the General Traffic Service (DGT) confirm a 10% increase in the number of accidents caused by wild boars. The overpopulation of this species is manifested almost throughout Spain. 


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