Extremadura takes first step for new Eurovegas in region

by Lorraine Williamson

PROVINCIA DE BADAJOZ – Extremadura wants to build a new Eurovegas macro leisure style complex inspired by Las Vegas in the province of Badajoz. The name chosen for the project will raise many questions: Elysium City. Elysium is ancient Greek for paradise. 

The government of Extremadura has released more than €4 billion for the construction of hotels, casinos, theme parks, shopping centres, homes and other infrastructure that together will become a kind of new Eurovegas. This is evident from the publication of the plan in the regional official journal. 

The leisure macro complex will be located in Badajoz in the place of Castilblanco. The first phase of Elysium City requires €4.3 billion to build (among other things) the following;

  • hotels
  • homes 
  • theme park
  • gaming centre
  • wellness complex
  • water park
  • digital park
  • marina, among other things. 

Megacity in empty Spain 

Elysium City extends over 11.85 million m2, of which 5.8 million square metres are buildable. The plans include the construction of 18,812 hotel beds and 267,000 square feet of living space. 

The city is divided into nine districts: hospitals and other services; urban centre; education and sports; riverfront; entertainment area, residential; events and nature; marine, and services and solar installations. The area is located on the Garcia Sola reservoir. 

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Businessman from Seville 

The regional government already approved the Extremadura law on major leisure facilities in July 2018. At the time, this already included the Elysium City project. The promoter of the macro leisure project, which will closely resemble a Las Vegas, is the company Castilblanco Elysium Corporation, owned by Francisco Nuchera, a businessman from Seville. 

2.5 hour drive from Madrid 

For the project to continue, it needs the support of other groups, such as real estate agents, gambling operators or hotel chains. The municipality of Castilblanco is located 215 kilometres from Madrid. That is why the Junta de Extremadura has promised to improve the infrastructure if the project is consolidated. 

16 million euros guarantee 

At present, Elysium Corporation has provided €16 million as a guarantee to the state government to start the project. This requires investments of at least €8,000 million and a maximum of €18,130 million. 

Similar Eurovegas style projects have not been successful in the past 

Previously, other similar projects failed in Spain, such as Eurovegas, which was supposed to be located in Alcorcón near Madrid and eventually diverted to Asia, Reino de Don Quijote in Ciudad Real, Gran Scala in Los Monegros and Madrid Life Resort. 

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