Doctor caught on camera issuing fake PCR test results

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Fake negative PCR tests issued on Mallorca

MALLORCA – A German investigative TV programme filmed a doctor on Mallorca issuing fake PCR test certificates without the need for a test. Following this, the National Police’s economic crimes squad are investigating.

An investigative TV programme on German television with reporter Sascha Wintel, shows a doctor issuing negative certificates to tourists who have not been tested for Covid-19.

Tourists explain to Wintel in the documentary that the private clinic offers certificates for €80. These can be used for the return trip to Germany, where travellers need to present a negative PCR test upon entry.

The doctor at the private clinic on Mallorca, asks the tourists what date they would like on the certificate. Meanwhile, the clinic remains unnamed.

Currently, tourists who test positive for Covid on Mallorca are housed in a ‘quarantine hotel’.

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Undercover appointment

Wintel, with a hidden camera, made an appointment at the clinic. After requesting a certificate, he received a negative PCR test within minutes. Most importantly, he didn’t take a test.

When Wintel pressed the doctor as to why he hadn’t taken a test, the doctor refused to comment.

As a result, the National Police opened an enquiry into the matter. They contacted the German police in order to obtain the raw footage. Furthermore, they will want to interview the reporter and other witnesses. That is to say, they are collating as much evidence as possible.

Europol already tracking fake PCR certificates

In February 2021, Europol issued a press release warning of counterfeit negative Covid-19 test results. Because of the need for testing, naturally this presents an opportunity for criminals.

In the statement, they tell of criminals European authorities have already caught. They stated: ‘Several cases have already emerged of fraudulent COVID-19 test certificates being sold to travellers.

  • A forgery ring selling negative test results to passengers was dismantled at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France;
  • In the UK, fraudsters were caught selling bogus COVID-19 documents for GBP100;
  • In December 2020, a fraudster was apprehended by the Spanish National Police for selling fake test results for €40.’
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