Digitization help for autonomos in Andalucia

by Lorraine Williamson
business digitization for autonomo in Andalucia

ANDALUCIA – With a budget of €7.3 million available, eligible autonomos in Andalucia may now request grants of up to €6,000 for the digitization of their business.

This will allow them to improve their digital skills and for eligible expenses enabling them to digitize their business. Moreover, applications for the grant can be made up until May 26, 2022.

The world of digitization

The world is moving online! This has been seen even more so during lockdown when businesses had to adapt and service or sell to their clients in new ways. Many had to learn new skills, quickly. But in the world of digitization, there is so much to learn. Therefore, it is a massive challenge for most.

It is for this reason, the Andalucian Ministry of Employment, Training and Autonomous Work launched an initiative for self-employed workers to help cover expenses for digitization projects.

Junta de Andalucia

Grants of a minimum €1,000 to a maximum €6,000 may be applied for online. Grants can be applied to cover 100% of digitization needs. Furthermore, the Junta de Andalucia will help with information on the implementation and development of digital solutions and strategies.

Cogesa Expats

There will be certain criteria to be met as not all autonomo or SMEs will be eligible. However, it is expected the amount of paperwork required to be produced will be minimised.

Two lines of subsidies

According to the Junta de Andalucia, there are two lines of subsidies: the first aimed at self-employed or self-employed workers, agricultural and mutual self-employed workers and endowed with 4.08 million euros; the second aimed at cooperative societies and labor societies in Andalucia and budgeted at €3.27 million. Likewise, it is established in the resolution that applicants must be classified as SMEs according to community legislation.

Items such as equipment, software, training, and infrastructure needs will be considered eligible. Also, marketing strategies, creation and design, websites, social media presence, anti-virus programs, and online advertising will also be considered as well as any legal aspects relating to these. In particular, the need to be aware of and implement regulations on data protection, cookie policies, and any other relevant regulations in regard to electronic payments.

Apply online

Applications must be submitted online through the virtual office of the Ministry of Employment, Training, and Self-Employed Work.  Full information, guidelines, and details on how to make an application can be accessed here. (The link is at the bottom of the article from the Junta de Andalucia).

For those who wish to find out more about technology, there are a series of free workshops and information at Malaga Mobile week which is open from December 9 to 12. It will address subjects such as digital transformation, communication, training, and social sustainability.

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