Corona pandemic leads to more private hospitals in Valencia

by Lorraine Williamson
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The corona pandemic is leading to the emergence of more private hospitals in the Spanish region of Valencia. Currently the regional board is discussing the realisation of three new private hospitals. Furthermore, one in five hospital beds is privately owned.

The Spanish newspaper Las Provincias wrote last Sunday about health care in Valencia being pushed to the limit by the corona pandemic. As a result, the massive influx of corona patients is halting care for patients with other conditions. Therefore, unsurprisingly, the waiting list for people with treatments other than Covid-19 is only getting longer and longer.

Long-term care for non-Covid patients in Valencia 

Public hospitals are barely able to cope with the care of corona patients. And as a result care of other patients is not taking priority. Consequently, more and more private centres have been added in the Spanish region recently. For example, three new private hospitals in Valencia were recently announced. Additionally, Las Provincias reports one in five hospital beds in Valencia is privately owned.

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Valencia talks about the realisation of new private hospitals 

Several organisations are working with the Valencia administration to open three new private hospitals.  These are Vithas Valencia Sur, Ascires and IMED. Until now, some of these hospitals plans had been shelved for several years. However, the organisations involved claim now is the right time to realise the plans for the new hospitals.  As a result, it will give a boost to the network of hospitals in the region of Valencia.

At the moment, Valencia has 63 hospitals with almost 14,000 beds according to the Regional Minstry of Health. Moreover, of these 63 hospitals, 39 are public and 24 are privately owned. Furthermore, with the realisation of the three new hospitals, the share of private care centres in Valencia will increase even more.

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